Motorola Radios

Welcome to our dedicated category of radio calls, proudly featuring the renowned brand Motorola, and tailored to meet the communication needs of a diverse range of industries, including tour companies, hotels, lodges, restaurants, institutions, and more. At Benson and Company, we recognize the critical importance of reliable communication in facilitating seamless operations, enhancing guest experiences, and ensuring safety and efficiency across various sectors.

As an authorized dealer of Motorola products, we offer an extensive selection of radios and communication solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of each industry we serve:

Two-Way Radios: Our Motorola two-way radios provide instant, clear, and reliable communication between team members, whether they’re coordinating tours, managing hotel operations, overseeing restaurant services, or ensuring security in institutional settings. With features such as long-range coverage, rugged construction, and intuitive controls, these radios are trusted by professionals worldwide for their performance and durability.

Communication Solutions: In addition to radios, we offer comprehensive communication solutions from Motorola, including repeaters, base stations, and dispatch consoles. These solutions are scalable and customizable, allowing businesses to create seamless communication networks that cover vast areas, multiple locations, and diverse teams. Whether you’re managing a tour company with guides spread across different sites or a hotel with various departments requiring coordinated communication, our solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.

Why choose Benson and Company for your communication needs?

Industry Expertise: With years of experience serving diverse industries, we understand the unique communication challenges faced by tour companies, hotels, lodges, restaurants, institutions, and more. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that address these challenges and optimize communication workflows to improve efficiency and productivity.

Quality and Reliability: Motorola is a trusted brand known for its superior quality, reliability, and innovation in the communication industry. By partnering with Motorola, we offer our customers access to cutting-edge technology and products that deliver exceptional performance, durability, and peace of mind.

Exceptional Service and Support: At Benson and Company, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and support to our customers. From initial consultation and product selection to installation, training, and ongoing maintenance, our team is committed to ensuring that you get the most out of your communication investment.

Whether you’re managing tours, running a hotel, operating a lodge, serving guests in a restaurant, or overseeing institutional facilities, reliable communication is essential for success. Explore our range of Motorola radios and communication solutions today and discover how we can help you stay connected, coordinated, and in control of your operations.

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