Our Corporate Profile

Benson and Company Ltd has been a pioneer in the consumer electronics field for over three decades. The name ‘Benson and Co.’ is synonymous with quality and has over the years become a brand name on its own. Established in 1980, Benson and company has grown at a steady rate over the years. What began as a technical centre has now grown into a powerhouse in the electronics and household appliances arena spanning across Arusha, Tanzania.

Benson’s, as it is fondly known, has been at the forefront of service deliverance since it’s inception, indeed its ethos reverberates around creating the “Right Buying Experience”. The idea behind Benson’s success is a belief that “going the extra mile” is a consumer’s right not a privilege. This belief has led to high degrees of customer loyalty and has been the bedrock to Benson’s market dominance. Partnering with brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony, WestPoint and more is a true testament to Benson’s need to providing quality products.